What is Looked™

We provide targeted services and solutions for individuals, small businesses and companies to improve their market position, gain exposure and reduce costs. This is accomplished through collaboration and qualitative research, utilizing offline and online resources with dynamic technologies.

Looked™ is about bringing the best of the things that matter the most to you closer - in a simpler, effective and meaningful way, that minimizes the cost of your resources. It is about individuals that share common interests, working together to progress and navigate through the challenges they face. It is about using a variety of resources and tools available in the best way possible to come up with solutions to problems both large and small. We are about doing what you would do naturally and better when making a decision.

You can join and be part of the community by providing products, services, knowledge and skills that are truly helpful to others looking for solutions. Or you can search now utilizing our community and networks to request solutions.

How we are different.

We utilize a unique methodology of combining our proprietary platform based on the most innovative technology, qualitative search, targeted communities and other distinctive resources to offer individuals and businesses unbiased, focused and economical solutions that best fit their needs.

  • Curration of content, technologies, services and solutions
  • Targeted and focused exposure to industries, markets, brands, ideas and topics
  • Scalable, cost-effective, continuously evolving platform with integrated features
  • Effective tool for marketing, advertising, lead generation and overall promotion
  • Ongoing awareness of trends in marketing, technology and specific topics

Solutions at every level of experience.

Our products and services provide the resources necessary to successfully execute ideas within any industry or topic. These range from finding and sharing specific information, promoting brands, products and services within unique market segments, earning income within areas of interest or expertise and more.

Find employment

Our services and solutions help you find employment in a field that you are interested in and best suit your goals. We enable employers and recruiters to promote employment opportunities and provide an environment for job seekers to find the right positions for their skills.

Find leads

Quality leads are determined by good communications and a clear understanding of the requirements. We provide solutions that help facilitate the building of successful relationships that enables for consumers to communicate their needs decisively. Through this relationship we are able to identify products and services that make a difference for the end user. With the use of active communication we provide the catalyst for buyers, sellers and providers to be more effective in their endeavors.

Sell products and services

One of the main problems many small businesses face is keeping up with changes to products, services, pricing, and alerting customers about the evolving business inventory. The customer has to be engaged as the competition increases and markets become fragmented. Our platform enables you to promote your products and provide a one-stop-shop environment where customers can find and compare providers and related products.

Start your own business

As an individual, starting a business is easier than ever before. With the numerous tools and online services available today to get your business started, anyone can do it. The challenge is not starting the business, but rather competing with all the other businesses with similar products or services. Utilize our resources to identify common and unique strategies targeted to your market to get your business to succeed.

Promote and Advertise

We enable promotion of goods and services through multiple channels and service providers to produce clear awareness of brands and identities to the target audience. Build relationships to maximize awareness, increase your exposure and reduce your costs, make meaningful connections and convert ideas into results.

Find and share meaningful information

It is important to keep up to date with the latest trends within your industry. One of the solutions we provide is a network with communities that offer targeted environments, which facilitate the finding and sharing of information in one place - that is relevant to your particular business, topic or interest.

Showcase yourself

In today's interconnected environment there are numerous opportunities for individuals to find information, earn income, promote their business or invest their resources into things that matter. Whether you are a career oriented individual, freelancer, small business owner, job seeker, employee or part of a large enterprise looking to provide services to either help others or yourself and your business we have solutions for you to showcase your skills, capabilities and offerings, as well as to make meaningful connections in your industry.

Find help and employees

Finding the right talent can be challenging, as the volume of applicants can become overwhelming at any time. We provide solutions that enable us to identify the right candidate who would effectively improve your business. Through our talented team we can help you realize areas within your business that genuinely need individuals with the skillset we recommend.

Invest your resources

Finding the right place to invest your resources can be difficult, as it is easier than ever for others to create an environment that asks for you to contribute resources of all kinds. Within our solutions we focus on specific topics that are of social or business interest that provide the opportunity to either make the right investment or provide much greater return on your investment, as it directly impacts a specific audience.

Improve business process

Business process outsourcing enables focusing on core business objectives while simultaneously leveraging resources that are flexible and responsive across multiple industries. Our services enable for organizations and professionals to extend capabilities and capacity dynamically. Utilizing technology, consulting and our network we are able to provide resources and benefits to businesses immediately.

Select the right consulting

With the wide variety of companies, consultants, outsourcing and freelance sources to choose from, selecting the right combination that best suits a particular need can be complex and demanding. We help you identify providers, and solutions that will help you realize your goals by providing you the resources or knowledge that converts your ideas into deliverables.

Find what you are looking for.

Improve your business, generate leads, find customers, jobs, projects and other solutions that meet your requirements and skills.

Opportunities for all to succeed

  • Job creation for skilled individuals
  • Income generation for motivated entrepreneurs
  • Business development and promotion for businesses and enterprise

Information based on qualitative research

  • Online and offline research for the right results
  • Industry-specific knowledge and consulting
  • Targeted community input and content

Use of targeted communities to increase operational efficiencies

  • Cost and time reduction in promotion and advertising
  • Direct access to niche markets
  • Business expansion and increased brand awareness

Versatility and customization

  • Applicable for different industries, markets, topics and concepts
  • Scalable platform that can be integrated with multiple systems
  • Self-sustainable over time and cost-effective
  • Continuous platform expansion and technological innovation

Targeted solutions

  • Opportunities for businesses, customers and users to collaborate effectively
  • Resources for businesses to provide valuable solutions to their consumers and partners
  • Global reach and connectivity

What are you looking for?

We utilize a unique methodology of combining our proprietary platform based on the most innovative technology, qualitative search, targeted communities and other distinctive resources to offer individuals and businesses unbiased, focused and economical solutions that best fit their needs.