Support and contribute to what you care about.

Having the resources to make a difference in what you care about while potentially increasing oneself either financially or spiritually has multiple benefits. To help facilitate this methodology we have created networks with both social and business benefits to take advantage of both sides of life.

We further strengthen investments within our network by focusing on specific areas of interest while offering a variety of tools and services that vary from small and large so you have the choice to best fit your situation. With your investment you can help bring comfort to others while making an impact on what you care about. See the results and take assurance in the constant focus of ideals by our communities and others like yourself.

Support Financially
Depending on the resources you have available and your aspirations, you can select the best return on your investment - right for you.
Contribute Socially
Get the return of awareness and gratitude from others of your contributions of time and efforts to something that matters to them.
Donate Altruistically
Donate towards developing technologies and platforms to create a better environment for users to find relevant information.

Create strong partnerships

Each network is generally created by an individual or organizations looking to expand their reach within a given community. At times one or more entity may require additional help to assist in the creation and maintenance of a network in order for it to operate at its full potential. Our partnership model enable for external entities to partner with networks to support a community so that they may reach desired results within specific time-lines.

Contribute and donate time, finances or other resources

Each network is a life force of individuals that come together in order to reach or exceed a goal. Through contributions and donations you can help to make these goals easier to achieve. As with each network their needs and requirements and focus vary tremendously this is why we enable you to contribute directly here (on looked) or on behalf of a specific list of one or more networks.

Use your resources to benefit yourself, your business and your community.

Individuals and small businesses invest financially to increase their income, companies invest financially to explore and control new markets, institutions invest financially to further their economic, political goals or philanthropic ambitions. Depending on the resources you have available and your aspirations, you can select the best return on your investment that is right for you.


With your investment you become an investor into a community of individuals that share your interests and are focused on the things that matter the most to you. You can become an active participant in the network and follow the progress and adjust the flow of information in and out.

  • Investors are treated as first class users within the network
  • Investors can utilize some features from our primary sections for free or at a very affordable cost
  • Investors can automatically be promoted to signify their investment into the targeted network
  • Brand recognition sub domains eg: or looked/at/john-smith-foundation
  • Integration with your existing websites and systems
Return on the investment

Financial return on investment is one of the most common methods of returns that are generally easier to convert into other goods and services. Each network is created to have its own unique business model but typically financial returns are achieved through any combination of the following:

  • Investors and investments
  • Selling and showcasing products and services
  • Selling advertising
  • Offering marketing and promotions
  • Receiving donations
  • Forming partnerships
  • Royalties and licensing
How is your investment used?

Each network has specific guidelines for how contributions are handled but this guide is a general overview of where investments are typically spread throughout the network. You can request a business plan for more details.

  • Internal Staff (Sales, Support, Administrators, Programmers, Designers)
  • Hosting and Service Providers
  • Office Lease, Rent
  • General Office Equipment and Supplies
  • Software & Hardware
  • Research & Development
  • Marketing and Promotion Services
  • Contributions such as Donations, Gifts, Grants
Many ways to invest

enabling for various investment methods we provide the ability to cater to many different individuals as well as businesses that wish to contribute. Individual investors can fully invest into a single network or multiple networks of their choice.

Group investing enables many individuals to invest into a network in small amounts that multiplies into to a large investment based on the average contribution size and the number of contributors. There are many tools available within our network to collectively pool together to invest into a cause you care about.

One or more institutions can invest into one or multiple networks that cover topics that are related to their business. This has the ability to impact thousands of individuals around a product or service and create a complete ecosystem that improves your brand with or without the need to adhere to a strict set of corporate guidelines. This offers you the choice and flexibility to utilize our network to target audiences that were never before possible.

Make an impact and gain recognition.

Social return on investment is the return of awareness and gratitude from others of your contributions of time and efforts to something that matters to them. These returns are typically paid over a period of time from the community and by others within the network.


Benefits of social investment are best retributed in various gestures of appreciation and gratification from those benefiting from your efforts.

  • Unique Opportunities and Offers
  • Special Perks, Access and Passes
  • Higher Level of Memberships and Clubs
  • Unique Accommodations
  • Symbols of appreciation (signs, plaques, etchings, statues and monuments)
  • General Accommodations (free parking, meals, drinks)
  • Lower or Discounted Rates
Choosing contribution

With the diversity of our networks we enable you to invest and contribute in a variety of areas. This enables for sharing the time that you have available to focus around a cause you support and care about.

  • Charities and non-profits
  • Business
  • Private ventures (your topic)
  • Political
  • Environmental
  • Health and wellness, Sports
  • Music, Entertainment, Arts
  • Science and Medicine
  • Social Networking
  • Technology

Donate to what you care about and make a difference.

There are many individuals today trying to make a difference but find it difficult given the finite resources that are provided. These resources vary in many common forms that we know by names such as time, money, skills, tools, and community. Utilizing our networks and communities we try to expand these resources so they enable us to better archive our common goals. We have created the largest and most flexible platform to help people find relevant information, improve their lives and support causes they feel passionate about.

Different ways to donate

You can either contribute to us creating and maintaining these networks, creating a particular network in support of a cause or topic you care about or just donate directly to a cause we are promoting and contributing to! Donating to Looked goes towards developing technologies and platforms to create a better environment for users to find relevant information and solutions in any industry, topic, area or interest. Donation towards building a network, goes to educate the community about your cause, to provide relevant information and facts, to get people motivated and excited and to actively fund-raise. We will also promote your cause throughout the entire Looked network, utilizing our advertising and promotional capabilities. For more information about how our networks features, tools and applications make this possible click below.


  • Support for a cause or topic that you feel strongly about
  • Your support actually makes a difference
  • You can see where your donation dollars go and how they impact others
  • You assist less fortunate individuals and communities
  • Tax-deductions

What are you looking for?

We provide targeted services and solutions for individuals, small businesses and companies to improve their market position, gain exposure and reduce costs. Contact us today to find a solution that accommodates your specific needs.