Find your search solution.

Professional search enables our team, professionals, providers, technology and experts to assist you in identifying the right results that best match your needs. Whereas traditional search involved actively searching through large number of resources to find a match for your needs, professional search collects data about you and your requirements in order to provide the best choices.

Our professional search is ideal for situations where Meta data, keywords/tagging or resource descriptions are inadequate for any given number of unstructured data; or the processing within a computer algorithm or application such as a search engine would find it complex to provide relevant results for the targeted end users.

  • Save time searching and comparing across multiple resources and datasets
  • Reduce false positives
  • Tools to manage and broker transactions
  • Save up to 100% (on average 40%) on requested products and services without sacrificing time, quality and value
  • Get help finding the right provider, products and services
  • Collaborate as a community to receive additional discounts and promotions
  • Set minimum and maximum pricing, as well as results delivery dates
  • Receive results through multiple cmethods such as web, email, text, phone
  • Multiple payment options available