Get the most from your resources.

Individuals and businesses are finding it difficult to find opportunities to accommodate their business and career goals. Our solutions help to sort through too much information presented in an unclear way, to find your ideal outcome.

Pro Search

Pro search enables our team, professionals, providers, technology and experts to assist you in identifying the right results that best match your needs. Whereas traditional search involved actively searching through large number of resources to find a match for your needs, custom search collects data about you and your requirements in order to provide the best choices.

  • Save time searching and comparing across multiple resources and datasets
  • Reduce false positives
  • Tools to manage and broker transactions
  • Save up to 100% (on average 40%) on requested products and services without sacrificing time, quality and value
  • Get help finding the right provider, products and services
  • Collaborate as a community to receive additional discounts and promotions
  • Set minimum and maximum pricing, as well as results delivery dates
  • Receive results through multiple methods such as web, email, text, phone
  • Multiple payment options available
Custom Search

Custom search enables your organization to utilize our resources to provide focused and customized insight, analysis, presentation, storage and processing of either your companies or your clients information. Today multiple organizations are gathering a variety of data from various sources; be it IoT, sensors, cameras, databases, websites, documents, user profiles and more... The right handling of this valuable data can be critical to your establishment's success. Through the use of our search technology, community and connections we are able to provide customized search solutions that let you maximize and take control of your information.

  • Effective and customized analysis and presentation of information
  • Providing targeted and central consumption resource of data
  • Real Time big data analysis, storage, processing and reporting
  • Monetization of data through marketing, branding and effective relationships
  • Providing a bridge between data and multiple resource or service providers
Lead Generation

Utilize our tools to promote across networks and generate consumer response. Quality leads are determined by good communications and a clear understanding of the requirements. We provide solutions that help facilitate the building of successful relationships that enables for consumers to communicate their needs decisively. Through this relationship we are able to identify products and services that make a difference for the end user. With the use of active communication we provide the catalyst for buyers, sellers and providers to be more effective in their endeavors.

  • Utilize our network to connect with your clients
  • Use our resources to get business flow and provide sales leads
  • Work together to get positive results and compete effectively
  • Work on in a trusted, reliable and credible network
  • Reduce time competing and marketing costs Increase your competitive advantage
  • Save time and resources

We provide rich tools and technologies within targeted marketplaces across various topics and networks that enable you to reach your audience more effectively. Each marketplace is specifically focused within a particular topic or segment that enables you to clearly promote your message. These features along with the flexibility to create and customize networks enable for maximum flexibility within any industry.

  • Reduce cost of marketing by focusing your invested time and money
  • Reach vendors and service providers to buy and sell products and services
  • Access specific and targeted networks Rich and vibrant communities that have relevant assets that are important to you
  • Maximum use of technologies that make promotion simple and easy

In advertising, every lead matters. It could be a large ad that brings in your desired results or it could be an obscure link at the bottom of a page that gives you that payoff. Our program offers many advertising methods and options for you to work with on our advertisement network. We enable the promotion and marketing of goods and services through multiple channels and service providers to produce clear awareness of brands and identities to the target audience.

  • Submit and maintain specific topics and keywords
  • Reduce costs by advertising on a highly promoted and targeted network
  • Targeting and optimization technology
  • Content-driven ad distribution
  • Diverse network with wide ad coverage
  • High referral commissions
  • Support for variety of methods across numerous targeted networks and channels
  • Fewer format and content restrictions and limitations
  • Choice of switching providers at any point of the process
  • Utilize various technologies to produce your anticipated results