Reduce challenges and increase opportunites.

Businesses, as well as individuals, often find it challenging to provide outcomes that are mutually beneficial for any given exchange.

Our Looked@ services allow us to provide a wide range of solutions across multiple markets to reduce the challenges that cause missed opportunities. Our services empower all stakeholders to communicate more effectively, identify needs, perform transactions and create solutions.

  • Gather insight into your audience's needs as they interact within their environment
  • Real time data analysis and business intelligence
  • Interactive and engaged advertising and marketing solutions
  • Communication and collaboration between individuals, goods and services

Data Mining

Looked@ data mining services provide the resources necessary to gather data, identify and convert physical or digital objects into actionable items. Through the use of these services we are able find new applications from both active and inactive resources to provide individuals and companies with value added solutions.

  • Convert, extract and transform data from various sources and formats
  • Analyze both physical and digital objects such as print, data stores, text, photographs, video, and audio
  • Create connections between digital profiles and real individuals
  • Create valuable data from everyday objects and activities within environments
Data Analysis

Looked@ data analysis services provide the resources to analyze data, determine relevance, identify patterns and forecast trends across multiple environments. Through data analysis services we provide highly targeted solutions for your specific professional, business and marketplace needs.

  • Provides highly targeted and data rich informational insights
  • Data provided through multiple channels and across various platforms
  • Supports real time data streams and analysis for rapid workflow adjustment

Looked@ advertising provides enhanced information gathering and user interaction between advertiser, publisher and consumer. This enables real-time product and service specific communication, in depth analysis of data, and increased value for all stakeholders.

  • Enhanced consumer information and communication
  • Reduced costs through data analysis and business intelligence
  • Provides a more engaged and targeted approach to advertising
  • Increases sales, opportunities and enhances consumer relationships
  • Incorporates and extends existing advertising methodologies

Looked@ marketing services increases the connections between various marketing channels and provide targeted solutions that enhance promotion, communication and sales. Through the use of our technologies and the community we are able to provide the following core capabilities:

  • Incorporates and extends existing marketing methodologies
  • Increases brand awareness and creates a more engaged consumer
  • Three way bi-directional interactive communication between retailer, publisher and consumer
  • Reduces theft; increases accountability and revenue